Lower Sixth Pupils Receive Life Skills Workshop


As our Lower Sixth embark on their Bede's Diploma, we welcomed the Life Skills Company to the School for an ‘Independent Learning’ Conference. 

The workshop, which was aimed at those pupils taking the Extended Project Qualification, covered a range of important learning and research skills including condensing texts, skim reading, speed reading and note taking.


The interactive workshop involved plenty of pupil participation and visual activities. Pupils were introduced to a number of useful techniques to improve their speed reading and skim reading. This brought out the competitive side in many of our Lower Sixth as they tried to improve their scores in these exercises.


Pupils were also given useful tips on time management, a vital skill particularly at such an important time in their educational journey.

The afternoon finished with a session on presentation skills.  Having been given a useful way of structuring their presentation, pupils had five minutes to plan a presentation on a topic of their choice, before having the opportunity to present to their peers.


This workshop has provided pupils with a number of invaluable skills as they embark on their individual EPQ projects. These skills will not only help them as they continue their Sixth Form studies, but also in further study at University. It has proved to be a very successful afternoon for our Lower Sixth!

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