House Competitions Hot Up With Pumpkin Carving Contest


Wednesday 18 October saw the highly competitive annual House pumpkin carving competition take place.

Each house was supplied with a pumpkin with strict guidelines on how the competition would be judged; the Houses were only able to use the pumpkins that they had been provided with, each pumpkin had to be able to stand upright without any props or support, and the carving could be original or from a commercial available stencil.

2With prizes awarded for creativity, carving skills and overall appearance, the judging panel of Mrs Goodyer, Mrs Ray-Gain and Mrs Robinson-Reid set about the tricky task of deciding the winners.

6The winner of creativity was Dorter House with a wonderful painted and carved pumpkin with flower foliage.

The winner of carving skills was Crossways House, and the intricate carving skills shown by Tilly Atherton.

3The winner of overall appearance was Camberlot House, with liquorice shoestring hair, worm and pumpkin seed eyes.

Mrs Goodyer said ‘I was exceptionally impressed with the standard of creativity that all of the Houses brought to the project – well done to all.’


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