Bede's Oxbridge Hopefuls Visit University Of Oxford


On Friday 15 September, all Lower Sixth pupils studying Further Mathematics A Level had the exciting opportunity to visit University Of Oxford to attend lectures at the Mathematics Institute.

On arrival, the pupils had the privilege of speaking to some of the tutors, all of whom are leading academics in their fields, quizzing them on the Maths courses offered at Oxford, the research they are carrying out currently and the application process.


The honest insight both students and professors gave into life at Oxford was particularly fascinating. Often we are misled by the stereotype that all Oxbridge students are superhuman and imposingly intelligent individuals.

While the latter may be true, having met many prodigious academics, all were extremely welcoming and made the prospect of attending such a prestigious institution tangible.  

Having experienced two maths lectures, one on philosophy and one on statistics, we busied ourselves exploring the colleges and other faculties during the Open Day.


The colleges were enthusiastic to lead guided tours; we learned plenty about the history of Oxford and spent time admiring the classical architecture.

Overall it was an extremely valuable trip, and one that we all left feeling inspired by. 


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