Drama: Bede's Students Prepare For 'A View From The Bridge'


The scene is a cramped Brooklyn Tenement in the mid 1950s.

Outside: the hum and clatter of the dockyards; the rumble of cargoes unloaded day and night. Inside, around a small dining table, a family nervously awaits the arrival of a very special cargo: two Italian stowaways, desperate for a slice of the American dream.

As they come into dock, under the cover of darkness, little can they imagine the terrible impact that their arrival will have.

So begins Arthur Miller’s intense, claustrophobic drama A View from the Bridge


Ever since it first performances in 1955, the play has rightly been regarded as a mainstay of the American theatrical canon, a mesmerising examination of the destructive combination of pride, jealousy and illicit love.

Central to the play’s dramatic impact is its small cast; a single family under the spotlight.  Longshoreman Eddie Carbone, played with a brooding intensity by Kozma Prelevic, is arguably at the heart of the drama. Cynical, aggressive and disenchanted with his marriage, Eddie only manages to draw a little comfort from his spirited young niece Catherine. When a would-be suitor arrives, however, in the shape of happy-go-lucky Rodolpho, Eddie’s true feelings emerge. And it isn’t a pretty sight.

Our production — which audiences can see from Wednesday 6th December — features Bede’s debuts from a handful of very promising new talents, including Dorms’ Jan Apolin, as Rodolpho, and L5th student Aisling Cotter as Catherine. As Beatrice, Maia Page Rubio also makes a welcome return to our stage, whilst Luke Noble (Alfieri) and Ben Barden (Marco) help complete a strong central cast. 


With a few weeks remaining until the curtain rises on A View from the Bridge, we do urge you to book tickets soon. It is sure to be a stunningly good production.

Performances will take place in the Miles Studio Theatre on:

Wednesday 6 December, 7.15pm
Thursday 7 December, matinee at 2.10pm (for U5th pupils only)
Thursday 7 December, 7.15pm

Tickets enquiries should be directed towards diana.white@bedes.org.


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