First Year Food Bank Drive


Four brave First Years from Deis recently shared their experiences in assembly on how Deis House has been raising awareness and collecting food for Eastbourne Foodbank.

Owen Pennington, Zak Rawat, Varun Mahatme and Jem Matthews along with three House Prefects, Ryan Welch, Tom Welch and Sam Avery, organised a team of collectors to visit the Houses to collect canned and packaged food ready to be boxed.

Eastbourne Foodbank are a self-sufficient charity service based in Eastbourne that do not receive any local or government funding, relying solely on volunteers and donations from the public and local businesses.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of all the Houses; as a result of all the food we collected we have managed to fill 25 boxes of food. This initiative has certainly been a team effort!

Tom Welch and Ryan Welch took our donations to the Eastbourne Foodbank during half term, who were incredibly pleased with our results.

The experience has been extremely insightful into how the charity is run and how our contributions can make a difference. 


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