Camberlot and Dorter: Houses Team Up For Charity Week


Camberlot and Dorter joined forces this month to raise vital funds for their House Charities, War Child and Children With Cancer Trust respectively. 

The week began with a Santa Run at Shinewater Park, Eastbourne. Georgie Pearch, First Year Dorter House pupil, said: “Every student and teacher was dressed from head-to-toe in a Santa suit. As well as being a fun way to bond both houses together, we raised a lot of money for charity. We were no doubt the centre of attention and lots of pictures were taken of us. This was a very fun Saturday morning. It might have been tough at the time, but looking back at it now it was such a blast.”

Mr McKeefry, Head of Camberlot House, added: “Whether you were an experienced or inexperienced runner, running competitively or for fun, all who participated had a great time running with their friends dressed in a Father Christmas outfit!”

The next fundraising challenge after the Santa Run was running a joint hot dog and hot chocolate stand every break time from Monday to Thursday. Mr McKeefry said: “Battling weather conditions close to freezing, we sold out of hot dogs for three out of the four days! It was very fun and excellent practice for those students who have signed up to work at the Camberlot and Dorter Café from next year!”

Mrs Murphy, Head of Dorter House, added: “We were extremely surprised by the amount we sold, and even had a demand for ‘cup o dogs’ which the boys seemed to love!”

During Wednesday’s full school assembly, Camberlot pupils Jaz Wardle and Paul Bancroft gave an excellent speech on their House Charity, War Child. Following the speech, pupils from Camberlot and Dorter Houses broke into a flash mob dance, which they had been practicing for weeks. This was very well received by all in attendance, with hundreds of smiling pupils from across the Houses watching in support.


Dorter House pupils also chose to run a stall at the Bede’s Prep Christmas Fayre. All of the girls donated 50p to purchase gifts for a tombola, which saw many returning customers at the event. The stand also featured handmade Christmas-shaped shortbread and gingerbread, as well as a ‘Guess The Weight of the Homemade Christmas Cake’ game. With guesses ranging from 1.5kg to 17kg, this became a competitive and exciting game that raised lots of money for charity.

Mrs Murphy said: “We really enjoyed being at the Prep School Christmas Fayre, and the eight girls who came with me were really superb. They built their confidence skills when approaching and selling to the paying public, and I am really proud of all of their hard work.”

Alongside raising funds for their House Charities, Camberlot and Dorter pupils collected and bought essential food supplies and gifts for local families who cannot afford them this Christmas. Gifts ranged from Lego sets to jigsaw puzzles and toiletries.


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