Bede's Declared Best Independent School In Sussex For Value Added


Department for Education figures released last week revealed that Bede's remains the top mainstream independent school in Sussex for Sixth Form Value Added for the fourth year running and 90th out of 2,786 schools.

Unlike traditional league table rankings, "Value Added" scores, which can be found here, are government calculations which compare pupil performance in and between exams. They are designed to provide a measure as to how much more or less successful pupils have been by virtue of the school they attended and thus declaring how much "value" a school has added to their pupils' results.

Commenting on the results, John Tuson, Bede's Academic Deputy Head said, "Bede's has always placed great emphasis on building the whole child and these results, along with the success in public examinations last summer which underpin them, continue to provide evidence that this approach does not merely complement, but actually contributes, to our pupils' academic attainment."

Bede's Headmaster, Peter Goodyer said, "This summer our Sixth Formers achieved yet another record-breaking set of exam results, with 81% of grades at A*-B, but these value added figures are the most important measure for us as a school, emphasising as they do, the importance we place on the achievements of each of our pupils’.


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