First Year Historians Visit Harrowing Holocaust Exhibition


On Wednesday 7th February, the First Year visited the Imperial War Museum in London to see the Holocaust exhibition.

This has been a particularly valuable trip as it has given the pupils an insight into the topic ahead of studying it in history lessons. 

The Holocaust Exhibition tells the story of the Nazi persecution of the Jews and other groups before and during the Second World War. The methods employed to murder Jews during the Holocaust and the processes that led to the creation of the 'Death Camps' are laid bare. 

We were given a talk on the Holocaust before the exhibition, but I found the exhibition itself very informative. Particularly looking at the amazing artefacts such as planes and tanks used in the Second World War.


The replica of Auschwitz, the biggest Nazi death camp, was particularly harrowing. We learnt about the brutal reality the victims faced through the paintings and videos we saw. I found the trip truly fascinating as it gave us an insight into the reality of such an important period in history.

Pupils found our visit to the Imperial War Museum both interesting and rewarding, and many really engaged with the exhibits that outlined the development of the Holocaust and the experiences of individuals.

As historians we feel it is essential that pupils are given the opportunity to study History outside of the classroom; visiting the Holocaust exhibition has clearly increased pupils' awareness and understanding of Nazi persecution of Jewish people, and has provided a foundation for what we will be studying in History for the rest of the school year.


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