School Prefects Launch Into New Roles at First Training Day


On Saturday 21 April, the School Prefects for 2018-19 assembled for their first training day. Lower Sixth pupils Grace Stannard and Evie Taylor report. 

Last Saturday marked the beginning of a new era as the 2018-19 School Prefects arrived at 9am for their very first training session. We arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and full of anticipation for the day ahead. In recognition of the early start (because prefects are human too) our schedule commenced with a relaxed breakfast in the dining room and the chance to chat.

Once the bacon rolls were consumed and many cups of tea were imbibed, we took our seats with the strict rules that no one should sit next to another pupil from their own house. This gave us the opportunity to spend time with members of the prefect team who we wouldn’t necessarily know well.

Once seated, we were ready for the Headmaster’s opening talk. Mr Goodyer kick-started the training programme by offering us excellent insight into the Prefects’ Vision: what the job involves, the importance of working together as a team, and explained some of the exciting things we have to look forward to in the coming terms. He talked about skills that we would need to develop in order to live up to our potential as prefects and concluded by challenging us to think about what we wanted our legacy to be when we leave Bede’s next year.

Next Mrs Lewis, our Director of Drama, delivered a fun and interactive session on public speaking. She outlined the main qualities that everyone needs when speaking in public, namely: confidence, volume, taking time over your delivery and smiling. Easier said than done, however, so we spent time in vocal and facial warm ups, and we completed short exercises both as individuals and in small groups. This was a fantastic icebreaking exercise, as it forced us out of our collective comfort zones in preparation for speaking in assembly in front of the whole school, something we will all inevitably have to do during our tenure as school prefects.

- Grace Stannard

Following a quick break, we had a session run by Mr Lewis, in which he presented the topic of safeguarding and informed of our responsibilities in our new roles. He reminded us of the vital role that the prefect team plays in ensuring pupil safety and the ways in which we should deal with any issues that we encounter with respect to pupil safeguarding.

Mr Driver then led a workshop focussing on what we, as a prefect team, want our legacy to be and how we can achieve our aims and ambitions. He introduced us to Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ model, which says that great leaders start with ‘why’ and then consider ‘how’ and ‘what’. ‘Why’ is the most important as it is what inspires us to action, therefore by clearly establishing our purpose, we will be able to be much more effective in achieving our aims. Once we had grasped the concept, we split into smaller groups, to put Sinek’s model into action and really consider our ‘why.’ The groups took it in turns to present our ideas to the whole team and from this it was clear that collectively, our overarching main concerns are improving integration both between year groups and between houses and ensuring that all pupils feel confident and able to make the most of the opportunities on offer at Bede’s.

The talks concluded with several members of the previous prefect team giving us an honest insight into the position, in which they stressed the importance of our role and also prepared us for some of the difficulties that we will likely encounter. It was great for us to hear their advice, having experienced the role of prefect themselves and to be inspired by the progress that their team has made over this past academic year. This was followed by a buffet lunch, providing further opportunity for us to all talk to and really get to know everybody in the team.

The morning was a great start to our year as School Prefects and certainly inspired lots of ideas and possible new initiatives to explore over the coming months.

- Evie Taylor

Pictured above left to right: Evie Taylor and Grace Stannard
Pictured below: School Prefect Training Day on 21 April


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