Bede's Sailing Club Gears Up For Exciting Summer Season


The Bede’s Sailing activity is a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon by getting out on the water and learning some new skills - whether it be sailing, windsurfing or even just learning how to tie some knots!

Beyond being a fantastic way to spend an activity period and take advantage of being so close to the sea, sailing is one of the best ways to take your mind off of any stress the week may have caused. With impending exams, it’s important to have breaks and to keep healthy and active between revision, and sailing is the perfect way for me to do this.

The Bede’s sailing team has recently purchased two RS Fevas to enable us to compete in more races. On the weekend of 28 April, we competed in our first RS Feva competition  at Queen Mary Reservoir in the new boats.

The results were encouraging with the following places awarded:

Nathan Haycraft / Freddie Zlattinger - 17th
Will Watson / George Lewis - 26th

Jerry Lewis, Principal Deputy Head and Head of Sailing Club, says: "Nathan Haycraft demonstrated his sailing pedigree, leading the first race for a time and achieving a number of top ten finishes, but day two saw stronger winds leading to a capsize followed up by the spinnaker line snapping, and they had to retire from the remaining two races.

"Will and George struggled on day one in very light winds but moved up the field on the second day enjoying the windier conditions. 

"With the Nationals at Weymouth in just a few weeks' time, it is back to the water now for some serious training."


During this term alone, we have four races planned - some local and some not so local! We are currently planning on competing at Buzz Active (located on Eastbourne Seafront, where our training takes place), the Feva Nationals in Weymouth and at the Schools Week at Itchenor.


Although some races impose limits, such as age and experience of the sailors participating, competing in races is a valuable way for new sailors and windsurfers to try out their skills on the water against their peers. It is also a great experience for those interested in continuing sailing and windsurfing beyond school.


As the summer months roll by, and school pressures start building, as Captain of the Sailing Team I can imagine nothing better than getting out on the water for a few hours a week and learning new skills or building on existing ones. The Bede’s Sailing activity is truly unique from any other on offer.

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