Boarding: Camberlot Declared Taskmaster Champions


On Saturday 8 September, the second annual Taskmaster Chamionship took place. All five Boarding Houses were represented, with two pupils from each House competing in nine tasks to become Taskmaster Champions 2018.

Tasks included throwing a teabag the furthest into a cup, memorising the names of an Australian football team, and building the highest tower out of cocktail sticks and blu tack (this was won by a cunning team who placed the tower on top of their head in the final seconds).

Other rounds included standing up for 100 seconds as a team (the majority were ten seconds over or under). Dorter's dance and singing routine was flawless!

All pupils had to analyse the tasks carefully and see where the pitfalls were and where they could cut corners. After nine rounds, the pupils eagerly awaited the the final results: Camberlot and Dorter were tied on 30 points each. A tie-breaker task took place, for which each team had to guess how many balloons I had in one hand. Camberlot guessed 15 and Dorter confidently stated 13.

I opened my hand and counted. When I got to 15 the room erupted, Camberlot rejoiced in their win and, for the second year in a row, Dorter lost out on the balloon task.

The results are as follows:

1st Camberlot
2nd Dorter
3rd Stud
4th Crossways
5th Dorms 


The third Taskmaster Championship will take place in September 2019. 

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