Event Review: Marie Reports on House Music 2018


"The power of music does indeed bring people together like nothing else."

Mr Scamardella, Director of Music at Bede's 

Three weeks of hard work and extreme business started the proceedings. No break time, no lunch time and no prep time - but it was completely worth it to spend hours creating music alongside great friendship.

Our first meetings were rather chaotic. We were a team of five prefects from Dorter, Stud and Deis, and most of us had never even met each other. Let’s just say that five teenagers, with five totally different ideas and a burning desire to lead the rest of the group isn’t the best combination! However, we realized that we all desired the same thing: to do something memorable for House Music.


Without further ado, we started auditioning our talented friends. The following week, we had a band, a small choir and a soloist and we could already start rehearsing.

Hold on, how do you rehearse without a song? That’s the question we asked ourselves on Sunday evening, with our first official rehearsal on Monday morning. After long hours of research, we found the perfect small choir song and the perfect band song.


The weeks were incredibly busy and passed unbelievably quickly, and at last the night arrived, House Music started. We were assigned to be the first to perform. For a reason that is still unknown to me, I agreed to conduct the big song, with half fairy/half gay pride wings on my shoulder, a pair of sparkly gloves, and three house ties. But strangely, although I looked like a clown, the loyal group of Doristud actually followed me. Regardless of what anyone says, I can assure you that we absolutely smashed it.

This Is Me is a song with such a powerful meaning, and every group performed it with enthusiasm. Every House did something unique, whether it was the flags of Stickways or the beautiful duet at the start of Kambersbury's set.

Our small song brought a touch of delicacy, performing Imagine by John Lennon.

For our solo, we listened to a wonderful performance by Isabella Casanova, which was simply spectacular. She sang Sia’s Chandelier, accompanied by Evan Nayler on the piano and a dance choreographed by Grace Stephens and Ellie Baker.


Our House band performed Don’t Stop Believing, in which I had the pleasure to play the tambourine. Our song was led by the talented Conor Woodbridge on the guitar (shout out to the solo he took behind his head), Elliott Glynn-Smith on the drums, Crystal Tse on the piano and Amber Gott and Theo Silk singing.

Next up was Stickways. Drawing upon the expertise of Will Hopkins as well as both Meghan and Lilli Longden, Do you hear the people sing from Les Miserables drifted into runner up.

For their solo, Ollie Prosper performed an absolutely incredible improvised drum piece, with not only his drum kit but even using the judges’ table. His energized and energizing performance won him the first place for solo category - it was a performance that left the audience speechless.


Stickways’ band performed Faith by Stevie Wonder, which won the band category for the night, and deservedly so, as this was a fantastic number leaving us all wanting more!

Kambersbury were up next, and their Small Choir performed Where is the love with rapping from Jaz, Nathan, Callie and Lotte, which got them first place.

For their solo, we had the chance to witness the talented Matt Grant, his voice, his guitar, his bass and his pedal for an arranged version of Stevie Wonder’s classic, Superstition. It was amazing and left us asking for more.


Kambersbury’s band performance was executed with professionalism. Their mash-up of Rolling in the Deep, Uptown Funk, and Sweet Dreams was incredibly tight, and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. 

Finally, came Knormston. Their performance of One Love for the small choir category did not disappoint us, with the harmonies incredibly soothing to the ears.

Then came Ksenia Reichman’s solo performance which was spectacular. Singing If I Ain’t Got You, she left us amazed, impressed and stunned.

For the last pupil performance of the evening, we had the chance to witness their House band, which simply deserved the first place in the category.

Although every performance left us wanting more, there had to be a winner. 

The deserving winner of House Music 2018 was Stickways. Congratulations!


I want to thank all the staff involved in making House Music such a great event every year, with special mention to Mr Scamardella, Ms Morris and Mr Hopkins.

I am proud to say that not only does House Music bring the community together, but it also allows for people’s creativity to flourish and more importantly, people’s confidence, and I can’t wait to start it all over next year.

Special thanks must go to the judges for this year's House Music event: Jane Money, Lazar Liebenberg and Olivia Hemmings.

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