Bede's Musicians and Dramatists Perform in Venice


A group of our talented pupils visited the beautiful city of Venice during the summer. Echo Abraham, Lower Sixth, writes about her experience.

On Saturday 30 June, a group of Bede’s musicians and dramatists flew to Italy to sing in villas and cathedrals and to participate in drama workshops. All this, as well as sightseeing in the beautiful cities of Venice and Verona, and enjoying enormous pizzas and humongous waterslides!

Some of the best experiences for me was singing in lakeside villas, our voices echoing off the polished marble walls and the faint glow of an orange pink sky drifting in the distance. It was an incredible setting, which suited the pupils’ strong voices and the catchy and melodic songs (that I never got bored of singing!).


All photographs taken by Jacob Liebenberg, Upper Sixth

Another amazing experience was singing in a local cathedral to the local residents. It was by far the best night for all the performances, with the drama monologues the strongest they have been and the singers pitch perfect on every note. The reaction from the residents was incredible, and after every song or monologue their cheers would echo around the room that made us feel all the hard work we had put in was truly paid off! The encore at the end was truly something and we all loved the massive smile it put on Mr Scarmadella’s face.

One of the most special experiences for me was visiting Juliet’s balcony in Verona. I love the play as I had the pleasure of playing Juliet in the Junior Production at Bede’s, so reciting my lines while on the balcony was extremely special. And of course, Venice is the most beautiful city I have ever been to with stunning buildings and architecture – my personal favourite being the famous opera house, Teatro La Fenice. The beautiful gold designs and the red velvet curtains was truly a beautiful image. We even were lucky enough to experience the Royal Box, which definitely made me feel like royalty!


There were so many highlights of the trip I don’t even know where to begin! One of my favourite visits was the amazing waterpark; imagine Disneyland but with waterslides. I loved every moment of it. The main highlights were going down the steepest slide in the park, as well as riding a slide while wearing a virtual reality headset! We also played a round of crazy golf, which was hilarious as we all managed to hit the ball off the course while attempting to navigate through the complicated obstacles.

Other enjoyable moments included the coach on the way to sing in the villas or cathedrals and practicing the music on the bus; it was great to hear everyone’s voices sync with harmonies. And who can forget the whopping huge pizzas that at least fed four people.

Overall, my favourite part of the trip has to be having the opportunity to perform to an audience – it was an incredible feeling, and their reaction was more than we could have hoped for! The atmosphere was incredible, and to sing to smiling faces beaming at all our performances did make the performance feel that extra special!


This trip has inspired me to continue my music at Bede’s well as performing in the Chamber Choir and at Cabaret. Although I don’t think I will ever pursue music professionally, I love performing music for fun. I’m always learning a lot with the Music department and enjoy performing a range of the musical styles. The Venice trip was one I will never forget, and I can’t wait to continue performing at Bede’s!

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