Pupils Bring Festive Cheer At Annual Santa Run


On Saturday 8 December, approximately 100 festive boarders from Camberlot and Dorter took Eastbourne Park Run by storm in aid of their annual charity week. 

They woke up at a time considered nocturnal yy the majority of these pupils for a Saturday morning, dressing in full Father Christmas regalia. After a quick breakfast and some motivational festive music, it was time to set off. 

1Arriving at the run the pupils demonstrated phenomenal community spirit and brought a smile to the hoards of committed runners who gathered at Shinewater Park on a cold, bright winter's morning. 

Some underestimated the run and set off at an electric pace only to find themselves dropping back through the pack, whilst Park Run veterans such as Matt Grant and Jaz Wardle come through in highly respectable times despite their festive felt adornments!


As each pupil finished, those cheering at the finish line got larger, celebrating the success of every boarder who completed the run. 

The pupils deliberately did not seek fundraising for this event. The whole idea was to help add to and share the sense of community, support and friendship, which volunteer-run organisations such as Park Run embody. 

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