Stud and Knights: Pupils Pack Christmas Hampers for the ABC Fund


On Monday 4 December, a group of pupils from Stud and Knights volunteered their time to pack bags of food for local disadvantaged families. Marcus Huntly-Peck (Stud House, Lower Sixth) writes about the day.

For all of us who volunteered for our joint House Charity, the ABC Fund, we felt that it was a worthwhile cause. When I got asked to help with packing bags for the ABC Fund we all knew that it was a task which was, and still is, needed for the benefit of many families who are not as fortunate as we are.


The work of packing bags was a long job which required all the volunteers to work hard. It was an enjoyable experience as well with Christmas music playing in the background and a packing system to maximise efficiency and minimise time. At the end of the job, we could look back and see all the bags which had been packed by our hard work knowing that it would benefit the community greatly.

Good luck to the Knights boys, who will be selling raffle tickets for the ABC Fund 'Win-a-car' competition this Sunday.

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