James Shone Inspires Audiences at Bede's Talks


On Monday 14 January, Educationalist and Founder of 'I Can & I Am', James Shone, visited Bede's to tell his inspiring story during two talks - one for the Sixth Form as part of their Bede's Diploma, and the other for parents, staff and other members of the Bede's community.

Megan Hume, Lower Sixth, says, "Listening to James Shone speaking to our year about his charity ‘I Can & I Am’ was overwhelmingly inspirational.

"He spoke to us all about his battle with a brain tumour in 2012/3, leaving him unable to walk and legally blind. He presented the struggles of facing this, as well as supporting a family of 6, during these years.

"Previously, James was a Teacher and Housemaster, applying to become Headteacher of a Prep School. His diagnosis and treatment meant that he was not able to pursue his dream of being a Headteacher, and his message throughout his talk was to never give up and never underestimate yourself.

"He spoke about how after his treatment, he had to begin to learn to walk again, as if a child once more. Believing in yourself and your own abilities was, for me, the most crucial element to his talk. He spoke about how everybody is intelligent and how academic intelligence is not the essential element of being an all-rounded, sociable and intelligent person, with a growth mindset and outlook on life.

"James completely astounded the year with his emotional and engaging stories, allowing us all to question and think about our own lives, what we can be grateful for and how we should proceed into the future, taking every day as it comes."

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