MFL and Drama: Bede's Pupils Shine in French Play 'Huis Clos'


On Tuesday 26 March, another successful collaboration between the MFL and Drama departments resulted in a fantastic performance of Jean-Paul Sartre’s ‘Huis Clos’ at the Miles Studio Theatre.

Directed by Max Mason (Lower Sixth) as part of his Bede’s Diploma EPQ, the play tells the tale of three people who are brought into the same enclosed space and seemingly locked inside by a mysterious valet. The group soon realises that they have been placed together on purpose – can they work together to save each other or will each become the torturer for the other two?


The play was performed entirely in French, and starred Max as Garcin, Isabelle (Lower Sixth) as Inès, Isabella Casanova (Upper Fifth) as Estelle, and Evan Nayler (Upper Fifth) as Garçon. 

Prior to rehearsal, the company read through the original script, to give them an understanding of the characters and the language. The version used by Bede’s was originally edited by Elizabeth Wyles, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, to suit our performers. Performing the play in French has enabled our students to significantly advance their knowledge and to learn to be creative with the French language.


It was wonderful to see Max take on the role of Director with such gusto and to witness the development over the rehearsal process of each individual member in the company. Max was able to use his personal experiences within Drama to encourage and enhance our less experienced dramatists, sometimes pushing them outside their comfort zone yet in a very positive manner. The cast worked extremely hard under his direction, and although the process was a challenge at times, Max always managed to find a way for us to laugh about it.

I am very grateful to Max, Isabelle, Isabella, Evan and Maddie for letting me be a part of this adventure.


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