Bede's Musicians Wowed by Moody's 'Agreed' Opera


In March, a group of Bede's musicians travelled to Glyndebourne in Lewes to see new opera, 'Agreed'.

Written by Howard Moody, the new opera explores love, loss and divided lands through a multi-genre score featuring elements of classical, world and jazz music. The Libretto was written by former Bede's pupil, Anna Moody. 


Thea Adams, First Year, says, "When we arrived at the beautiful opera house, we were given time to have a quick look around, before we took our seats in the Upper Circle. We had an excellent view of the stage and orchestra pit.


"When the performance started, we were all immediately captivated by the unique and distinctive style of the opera. It was a perfect contrast to other operas, not only because of the style, but also because of the staging, costuming and design.


"Seeing the show was really interesting, because there were people our age in the production, and we were able to imagine ourselves in roles like that. I am very grateful to all the people who made this trip possible."


Photographer: Robert Workman. All images used with kind permission of Glyndebourne.

From top:

Korimako (Tom Scott-Cowell), Alex (Michael Wallace) and community chorus
Korimako (Tom Scott-Cowell) and Alex (Michael Wallace)
The community chorus of 'Agreed'
Kronos (Zara McFarlane) and Maya (Louise Winter)
Spirit of Elin (Ellyn Hebron)

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