Bede's Pupils Host Annual Continental Evening


The Continental Evening is always a wonderful celebration of the different cultures we have here at Bede’s.

It is a challenging experience for the pupils who organise the event themselves, but ably supported by Ms Cull and Mr Juniper, the pupils overcame the problems they encountered.

The evening began in the New Dining Room where pupils enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our catering team, Holroyd Howe.



Pupils then headed to the Miles Theatre for an evening of entertainment. Hosted by Cliff Wu, the audience was treated to a series of performances by the BTEC band, India Park, Matt Grant, Germain Eriksen, Matilda Scragg, Summer Wells-Millard, Jianing Li, Mindy Lau, Yoyo He, Conor Woodbridge and Miss Chen.


The event was expertly organised by Lower Sixth pupil Nicole Ho who said of the evening, “It was a night of excitement with lots of cheering from the audience. I really enjoyed planning the evening, we learned to be patient and it certainly improved our organisational skills!"


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