Spotlight on Cosmo Mealing


During his time at Bede's, Cosmo Mealing has gained a reputation for being a calm, driven and exceptional ceramicist.

This term he has started his fifth year working with me and he has decided to explore fresh ideas in The Kennels and to combine both clay and metal for his A Level coursework.


Cosmo proved to be an outstanding ceramicist when he achieved 100% for both his Unit 1 & 2 on his AS course. He explored balance, rhythm pattern in his sculptures. He was ambitious in his approach to each piece of work he created.

Risk-taking is key to working with clay; one has to push the boundaries of the medium. Cosmo’s calm persona meant that he was able to work through pieces that did not work out and to learn from where he went wrong.

This term has seen Cosmo take his love of working with metal (he always has made maquettes out of metal to create designs for his clay work) to be the main focus of his outcomes.


Inspired by form and structure from European plate armour from the 1500’s, he has begun to construct a series of sculptures that explore movement, reflection, interlocking and balance.

It is the joining of the metal that Cosmo has refined during the first part of the term. He has been experimenting with copper wire and other materials. He also has larger clay versions that he is also working out ways of joining the clay together with found materials.


Even though the above metal maquettes are only 5cm’s high, his ambition is to turn them into seven-foot high sculptures and to display them next to the School Lake and island.

Cosmo has been exploring potential locations and completed a photo shoot of his sculptures to gain an idea of how his work would look outside of the classroom.


Shadows cast, sun reflecting and contrasting surfaces against the lawn has certainly given Cosmo a great deal to think about and plan for...

I am sure you will agree that if you have seen Cosmo’s ceramic work, you will know he is an ambitious sculptor. He is also an a great artist and photographer and is studying A Level Graphic Design and Photography.

Basically, Cosmo has the best time at school as he is always based within the Art department each day!


On the weekend of 10th and 11th of October, Cosmo exhibited some of his Ceramic work and Photography at the Arch 21 Studios in Brixton alongside his father, sculptor Richard Mealing.

His work was seen alongside six other artists and this weekend heralded the first exhibition Cosmo has had outside of Bede’s. I am very sure it will not be his last. Cosmo had lots of interest in his work and two visitors made offers on one of his photography pieces he created last year.


Cosmo has been a great inspiration to the younger ceramicists in the school. It has been good to see some of his fellow Camberlot House students choose to study GCSE Ceramics and aspire to the great achievements he has accomplished so far.

He is looking to study Fine Art or to maybe specialize in Sculpture at University in 2016.


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