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Making pupils count is what Bede's is about, and for this reason we go far beyond traditional Pastoral Care.

Every pupil at Bede's has a dedicated Personal Tutor and each tutor cares for a very small number of children. They communicate constantly with parents and teachers to draw out and develop each individual, and elsewhere we have permanent, on site counsellors and considered structures for helping all children, whatever their level of need.

Ultimately however, empowering pupils is the core of what we do, and we are making constant and significant progress within this arena.

One aspect of our system of Student Voice is personified in our School Council, which is anything but tokenistic. Working with the Prefect team, pupils in every year group are involved in the setting of rules, managing our rewards and sanctions and even strategic decisions for the school as a whole.

Transparency is also important, so we have instituted arrangements whereby, besides teachers, parents and the pupils themselves can track behaviour, good or bad, as it relates to them via our Parent Portal and My Bede's intranet services.

My background is as an economist, and my objective at Bede's is to ensure that what we're doing matches the rhetoric. There's no point in saying inspirational, visionary things and not actually doing them.

I can tell you though, at Bede's we don't just say it. We can quantify it.

Jerry Lewis
My background is as an economist, and my ultimate objective at Bede's is to ensure that what we're doing matches the rhetoric.

Jerry Lewis, Principal Deputy Head and Teacher of Economics

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