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Boarding at Bede's may have undergone a radical architectural transformation in recent years but our philosophy hasn't.

Across all of our Boarding Houses, we have always aimed to provide nurturing environments. Accommodation where pupils are safe and receive seriously good care. But that is not an end in itself.

We strive to broaden the horizons of our boarders. Many schools focus only on success, but we also want pupils here to fail upwards - to learn from their inevitable mistakes and develop qualities such as compassion, self-discipline and self-reliance. It is fundamental that they acquire a sense of their place in their House, their School and, ultimately, the world.

To do this we have built the finest boarding houses on the planet, and that's not hyperbole. They were designed by the people who live in them, work in them, pay for them and use them, and in 2013 Crossways and Stud were recognised by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors for their Outstanding Design and Innovation.

Take a Virtual Tour of Stud and Crossways:

The results of our efforts are an unquestionable success, and what we have done is not just notional. The House designs are very conscious. Spaces bring pupils together and help them not just feel but believe they belong, and the input from the children throughout the process has meant that each building is bursting with character.

Of course, the other hugely important element to boarding at Bede's is our matrons. They are inspirational, expert people who really understand children - who are supportive but extremely practical. They know when it is the right time to help and what the right intervention is.

Sincerely, it's about a lot more than just fancy rooms. It's about helping young people to create the very best versions of themselves.

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