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Stud House is a Boys' Boarding house. Its name comes from the original location of the house at the site of the race-horse stables and stud yard on the Bede's site.

At that point the grounds of the school were a private home, built and owned by Horatio Bottomley, the notorious Edwardian businessmen, Member of Parliament and founder of the Financial Times.

The project to build the new Stud House took several years and the results of the project are stunning - so much so that The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors recognised the building's Outstanding Design and Innovation in 2013.

In terms of the community within the building, the young men of Stud house are known, more than anything, for their diversity. Whether it be cultural background, aptitude or interest, the mix of individuals at Stud maks it a breeding ground for talent, open-mindedness and progressive thinking.

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The dormitories in Stud are of a world class standard, which comes in large part from the fact that it was the boys of Stud House, with the help of their parents, the house staff and residents of Upper Dicker, who designed them.

What really makes Stud House such a special place however is the spirit of the place, which is defined by friendliness, openness and a determination to always look to the future.

Our recent accomplishments are to be found chronicled on this page, so please check back regularly for updates on the array of fantastic projects that the boys of Stud House are engaged in.

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Peter Jones
Teaching at Bede's allows me to share my lifelong interest in animals of all sorts. I am one of the privileged few whose hobby is also their job.

Peter Jones, Stud Housemaster and Teacher of Animal Management and Science

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Pupil Stories

  • Jay Adebisi, Lower Sixth

    By encouraging everyone to be the best they can be the school helps us all to have confidence and realise that we are all special.

    Jay Adebisi, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2016
  • Joana Rosell, Upper Fifth

    The facilities and opportunities make a big impression, but the heart of the school is the welcoming, supportive community.

    Joana Rosell, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2016
  • Marco Iurza, Upper Fifth

    I've always been ambitious, but being here has given me all the tools I need to achieve something remarkable.

    Marco Iurza, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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Stud House staff

Teaching at Bede's allows me to share my lifelong interest in animals of all sorts. I am one of the privileged few whose hobby is also their job.

Peter Jones, Stud Housemaster and Teacher of Animal Management and Science

I love History and want to inspire a new generation of Historians. It is extremely rewarding to see a pupil’s passion develop over the time that they are with us.

Katy O'Hara, Deputy Stud Housemistress and Teacher of History and Politics

I love being nurturing and caring because I love to see other people happy.

Hillary Dale, Stud House Matron

One of the best things about Stud House is the way that everyone comes together as a huge extended family. It's a very friendly place and I believe on in which friendships are forged which will last a lifetime.

Lynne Taplin, Stud House Matron

It's fairly common for people to think that you make more mistakes when you're young, but I don't think we make any fewer when we are older. What's important is that we all learn from the mistakes we make, because that's how we truly grow up.

Louki Scott, Stud House Matron

I relish building confidence and creativity in every individual so that they can achieve their full potential whilst at Bede’s and beyond.

Karen Lewis, Director of Performing Arts

I am truly passionate about helping students achieve things that they can be proud of, and do everything I can to help them.

Nick Potter, Head of Design Technology and Stud House Tutor

I really enjoy the range of activities that I can become involved in as a teacher at Bede's and, as an enthusiastic amateur musician, I love helping with performances; the atmosphere is wonderful.

Elizabeth Shepherd, Teacher of Mathematics and Stud House Tutor

The best thing about my job is seeing a student I'm coaching smile because they have achieved something new, improved or had a breakthrough. It gives me a huge buzz.

Alan Wells, Director of Cricket and Stud House Tutor

My aim is to help and encourage students to achieve more, whether that be in the classroom or outside of it.

Paul Wilkinson, Teacher of Mathematics and Stud House Tutor

For me, a classroom is a place where children can explore, learn, experiment, fail, succeed, and ultimately flourish.

Richard Williams, Head of Media and Film Studies and Stud House Tutor