Bloomsbury House

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Bloomsbury House is a Girls' Day House.

It is named after the early 20th Century group of artists and writers, the Bloomsbury group, who had strong links with this part of Sussex.

In line with the philosophy of the Bloomsbury group, Bloomsbury is a house where it is common to stumble into discussions of literature, art, and politics.

The girls in Bloomsbury are encouraged to think of themselves as the influential, powerful young women of the future, looking back at the likes of Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes and E.M. Forster as powerful reference points, individuals who shaped not only the social landscape of modern Britain but also the world.

Our work with our House Charity, our history of producing fantastic musicians and writers and our strong academic underpinnings define Bloomsbury as a place not only of dialogue and reflection but also as one of action.

We are proud of our girls, whether as a collective or as individuals, and are proud too of our achievements, the most recent of which are visible on this page.

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