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Charleston House is a Girls' Day House named after the local home of the Bloomsbury Group.

The young women of Charleston House are, like the Bloomsbury Group of their day, modern, intellectual and exceptional. They are known primarily for their academic prowess, particularly in the sciences, although their dizzying artistic accomplishments are of equal note.

The original Charleston House, namesake of the Girls' House at Bede's, was the home of the famous English painter and designer Vanessa Bell and her partner Duncan Grant, who is best known for his impressionist portraits and pottery. This spirit of creativity and modernity is exemplified in Charleston House at Bede's.

The girls of Charleston are encouraged to look back to the likes of Virginia and Leonard Woolf, the cultural historian Lytton Strachey and the art critic and painter Roger Fry to develop inspired, enquiring and critical minds of their own.

We could not be prouder of the young women of Charleston House and, as you can see from the articles on this page, the girls of Charleston have many notable achievements to be proud about.

Michelle Martin
My motivation is to create an environment in which pupils flourish and achieve a well-rounded education. I am committed to a caring and supportive culture where team work and respect are encouraged.

Michelle Martin, Charleston Housemistress and Teacher of EAL

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Pupil Stories

  • Alina Wiltshire, Lower Sixth

    I have been at Bede’s for 10 years, and the training I have received means I can choose the future I want.

    Alina Wiltshire, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2016
  • Alice Potter, Upper Fifth

    My best experiences have been here. That's because I feel like I have a real stake in Bede's. It's really helped me grow.

    Alice Potter, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2014
  • Felicity Collins, Lower Fifth

    I want A and A* grades in every subject, so balancing my Academic passions with Riding can be very hard.

    Felicity Collins, Lower Fifth Interviewed in 2013
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Charleston House staff

I love teaching in general and English in particular, as I feel that education and the ability to use language truly empowers students.

Michelle Martin, Charleston Housemistress and Teacher of English and EAL

I am passionate about Art and Design and believe it can develop creativity and critical thinking whilst also instilling confidence in ones own abilities and aspirations.

Sarah Harris, Teacher of Art and Charleston House Tutor

I enjoy helping students to consider ‘big’ questions, like “where did the universe come from?” and “why is there something rather than nothing?” These topics exercise the greatest minds in the world.

Colin Hiscox, Head of Physics and Deputy Charleston Housemaster

There is nothing as exciting as investigating and finding out how the Universe works. I am passionate about inspiring enthusiasm with others, who could become the great scientists of the future.

Suzanne Lewis, Teacher of A Level Physics and Teacher of Science, Deputy Charleston Housemistress

I enjoy watching the development of students and knowing that I have had a direct influence in their education and life long aspirations

Georgina Wainwright, Vocational Business Studies Course Leader, BTEC Quality Nominee and Charleston House Tutor

I believe wholeheartedly that art can transform the lives of individual students and it is most rewarding to be a part of this process.

Rachael Walpole, Teacher of Art and Charleston House Tutor