Deis House

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Deis House is one of the Boys' Day Houses at Bede's.

Like the word 'deis' itself, there are two distinct philosophies behind Deis House, both of which are complimentary and both of which are inspirational.

One of the definitions of Deis comes from the Latin for God, and although Bede's is a secular school we put a great emphasis on Pastoral care. What 'pastoral' means, in effect, is caring for, nurturing and guiding one another, and in Deis House we ensure that every member of our fraternity is supported in a meaningful, sincere and considerate way.

The other definition of Deis is from the Gaelic, meaning eagerness or willing, and this definition truly characterises the many irrepressible characters that make up the family that is Deis House!

The young men in the Deis community are encouraged to be ready for anything. They are pushed and stimulated and enriched in a manner personal to them, guidance which helps them to face the challenges of life as a teenager and an emergent adult.

These two key elements of what we do at Deis mean that our boys are capable of anything and, although a phrase like that might be difficult to quantify, in Deis House we are confident in saying it.

As evidenced by the myriad of information and accomplishments on this page, Deis boys are remarkable young people and we are lucky to know them.

Please make sure you check back with our page regularly as then you might have the pleasure of getting to know them too.

Lionel Pianet
I firmly believe that the building of confidence through interactive learning and a range of dynamic activities is as vital as preparing our students well for their exams

Lionel Pianet, Deis Housemaster and Teacher of French

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Pupil Stories

  • Max Mason, First Year

    Bede’s is a school for all types of people, and it helps you to see that you can be anyone and do anything.

    Max Mason, First Year Interviewed in 2016
  • Louis Muston, Lower Fifth

    Bede’s is centred on developing individuals rather than on trying to force them to be something they are not.

    Louis Muston, Lower Fifth Interviewed in 2014
  • Ivan Friedman, First Year

    My teachers won't let me give up. They always challenge me and will help by giving me extra lessons one-to-one.

    Ivan Friedman, First Year Interviewed in 2012
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Deis House staff

I firmly believe that the building of confidence through interactive learning and a range of dynamic activities is as vital as preparing our students well for their exams.

Lionel Pianet, Deis Housemaster and Teacher of French

I choose to teach science because I like to spread the habit of independent thought based on evidence, and which is therefore open to question and to test.

Martin Costley, Head of Science Faculty and Deis House Tutor

The classroom gives the children an opportunity to discover and, in some cases, challenge information. It is truly the most exciting place to be.

Dino Dozgic, International University Applications Coordinator, Teacher of EAL and Camberlot House Tutor

Part of my passion as a teacher is enabling pupils to see challenging topics like programming, database structures and algorithms as dynamic, liberating and inspiring.

Alex Hayes, Teacher of ICT and Computing and Deis House Tutor

My aim is to stimulate, challenge and inspire students to exceed their expectations and to grow and develop as independent, thoughtful people.

Gareth Parfitt, Head of Business Faculty, Senior Teacher (AFL) and Deis House Tutor

We believe art, when done well, is one of the most important, challenging and rewarding disciplines.

Jonathan Turner, Head of Art and Design and Deis House Tutor

It is our language which defines us as humans. There can be no more important time within school than that spent studying the language we are constantly using.

John Tuson, Academic Deputy Head, Teacher of English and Deis House Tutor