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Dicker House is a Boys' Day house, and we are all about action.

In Dicker House we have every type of person, from musicians to shooting champions to rugby stars. What defines the boys here is that they are extremely dynamic, always embarking on new adventures - whether that's paddling downriver in a kayak or journeying through fantastical fictional worlds.

One of the many reasons that Dicker is a special House is that we are passionate about community. Our prefects and older boys support those younger than themselves, mentoring them and helping them to be ever more brilliant and to reaffirm that core, Dicker House value of fair play.

It is our belief as a House that everyone in the world deserves not only the chance to succeed but also help, support and guidance to do so. At Dicker House, we look to act as ambassadors for this philosophy both within Bede's and out in the wider world.

On this page we will be keeping track of the most recent events and activities in which the boys of Dicker House have been involved. Please come back soon to find out more about us, as a house and as individuals, and take stock of the boys fantastic accomplishments day in and day out at Bede's.

Cheg Abraham
I look to develop a passion for life and for learning in my pupils. After all, educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!

Cheg Abraham, Dicker Housemaster and Teacher of Science

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Pupil Stories

  • Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth

    My introverted nature meant that I was never going to prosper at my old school, but Bede’s has enabled me to flourish.

    Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2017
  • Kai Maxted, Upper Fifth

    I remember hearing about Bede’s accomplishments when I wasn’t here. Now I'm part of that. It makes me really proud.

    Kai Maxted, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2015
  • Joe Billings, First Year

    I would like to play Cricket professionally, but success in my GCSEs and A Levels is really important to me.

    Joe Billings, First Year Interviewed in 2013
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Dicker House staff

I look to develop a passion for life and for learning in my students. After all, educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!

Cheg Abraham, Dicker Housemaster and Teacher of Science

The single most inspiring thing about the students here is that they often go the extra mile, right across the ability spectrum.

Matthew Peattie, Deputy Dicker Housemaster and Teacher of Mathematics

Teaching is a great job because every day I can feel successful. I look at my students and think, 'I taught you something today.'

Isabel Berryman, Teacher of Mathematics and Dicker House Tutor

One of the best things about being a teacher is that you don't just teach - you continue to learn at the same time.

David Cheshire, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of English and Dicker House Tutor

Once students believe in themselves, they have taken the first steps towards success. Learning is a lifelong journey. The Learning Enhancement Department at Bede’s takes great pride in accompanying our students on part of their way.

Catherine MacGregor, Director of Learning Enhancement and Dicker House Tutor

I love that Bede's is such a happy and safe environment in which pupils can flourish. The whole school is driven to help children reach their potential both academically and socially.

Richard Mills, Registrar, Teacher of Business and Economics and Dicker House Tutor


It is through reading and writing that we discover who we are, or who we want to be. In each piece of writing, I want my students to have the chance to reinvent themselves.

Matt Oliver, Head of English and Dicker House Tutor

Bede's is a unique place full of unique people. I've been a teacher for all my career and there's nowhere quite like it.

Jane Savage, Teacher of English and Dicker House Tutor

There is no better job in all the world than mine. I love working with young people, and that in my subject I get to hear all their ideas, aspirations and questions about life in general.

Rachael Woollett, Co-Curricular Deputy Head, Teacher of Religious Studies and Dicker House Tutor