Boarding Principles and Practice

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In line with our Trust Aims, an exceptional boarding experience remains at the heart of the School.

Bede's offers boarding in a safe, supportive environment delivered by committed and expert professionals who always put the children first.

In order to meet these aims we endeavour:

1) To ensure that at all times we provide an environment where children are safe and feel safe;

2) To develop and practise systems which engender a sense of well-being, raise self-esteem, promote resilience and encourage mutual support;

3) To give a wealth and quality of educational experiences which cannot be found elsewhere;

4) To produce balanced and informed young adults who are well-equipped to cope with, enjoy and contribute to the outside world in a meaningful, compassionate and enduring fashion.

Bede's places great emphasis on catering for the needs of each pupil, and academic timetables and co-curricular programmes are tailored very much to each individual's requirements.

Just as important for each individual is the ability to get on well with other people and be tolerant and understanding of the needs of others.

The aim of our Houses is to care for and nurture our pupils in a manner which helps them to excel at what they do while also enabling them to learn the social skills and sense of community and responsibility which will equip them well for the rest of their lives. 

To these ends, we try to create safe, secure and happy House environments with an atmosphere which is homely and yet purposeful.  Individuals are encouraged to excel in their own pursuits, to take increasing responsibility for themselves during their time at Bede's and, as they become older, to take on a certain amount of responsibility for others too.

Our community is one where other people are treated with respect, sensitivity and consideration, and we hope that our pupils will leave having gained the experience and confidence to be thoroughly independent and act with an integrity which is tempered by a powerful awareness of the needs and sensitivities of other people.

In doing so, we enable them to get the best out of themselves and those around them.

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Boarding Principles and Practice staff


I teach because education is the most powerful weapon against the injustice, inequality and deprivation suffered by mankind. And because I love it!

Lou Belrhiti, Teacher of EAL, Dorter House Tutor and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching at Bede's allows me to share my lifelong interest in animals of all sorts. I am one of the privileged few whose hobby is also their job.

Peter Jones, Stud Housemaster and Teacher of Animal Management and Science


I love enabling young people and helping them grow into themselves. The goal is to get them to a place where they can do whatever they want to with their lives.

Paul Juniper, Dorms Housemaster and Head of Animal Management