Personal Tutor Programme

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At Bede's we believe that no individual person, subject or craft is an island, and this belief is reflected in our innovative Personal Tutor programme.

Our pupils have a dedicated Personal Tutor who is devoted to them. Their Tutor is there to support them, guide them and push them, to broaden their horizons in meaningful ways and provide them with everything they need to excel. Many schools offer such a service, but at Bede's we really deliver.

Part of what drives Bede's Personal Tutors is the belief that every young person has hidden talents. When our pupils arrive they sometimes know in which areas they want to specialise but sometimes they need a helping hand when it comes to discovering their best routes forward.

Our team of Personal Tutors ensures that every single child at Bede's is given boundless opportunities to both try new things and learn from any mistakes they might make.

We track every pupil academically, ensuring that they are given the specialist help and attention they need to succeed, but we also make sure that they are experiencing as much as is humanly possible outside of the classroom, and that they are thriving as they do so.