Bede's Prefects


The prefect system at Bede's is unlike any other.

Our new prefect system, brought in during 2011, saw a total revolution in how pupil voice functions at the school.

In tandem with the innovative structure of the School Council system, Bede's prefects have opportunities and responsibilities which set them apart in significant and meaningful ways.

On the one side, our team of House Prefects has a more informal role. Aside from helping House staff with a range of duties, their primary responsibility is to the other members of their House.

They go far beyond serving as role models - they are empowered to mentor, guide and help those younger than themselves, enabling them to succeed in all aspects of their educational experience.

Then there are our School Prefects, who are true leaders in every facet of school life.

Appointed after a full application process, including formal interviews, project workshops and individual presentations, 25 of our finest Sixth Form pupils are selected for the team each year. They then nominate a Head of School from within their own number.

Once the selection process is complete, the School Prefects are then supported in their synthesis of a Prefect Agenda - a set of aims for the coming school year which they are mandated and supported by Senior Teachers to deliver in full.

Having decided themselves that they seek no privileges or special allowances, Bede's Prefects are instead formally trained in event and project management, leadership and presentational skills, debate and public speaking.

Each member of the prefect team then additionally heads up a sub-committee of the School Council, helping to shape school policies and rules alongside giving their input into trust-wide strategies.

Our prefects help determine future directions and focuses for Bede's as a whole.

They are our best and brightest, and we are extraordinarily proud of them.

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    I've always been ambitious, but being here has given me all the tools I need to achieve something remarkable.

    Marco Iurza, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
  • Annabel Martirossian, Upper Fifth

    On my first day at Bede's, the big question in my mind was... Who am I? I had no idea of the person I wanted to become.

    Annabel Martirossian, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
  • James Baldwin, Upper Fifth

    Let's be honest, at most schools being a Physics and Maths nerd isn't cool. Luckily, at Bede's it genuinely is.

    James Baldwin, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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