Alice Potter, Upper Fifth

I went to Bede's Prep School and then left. It didn't take long before I wanted to come back though, and now I couldn't be happier.

Right now I'm preparing for my GCSEs, which I'm obviously nervous about. I feel like Ms French, our Head of Year, knows us all so well and gets the best out of us, but it is stressful. I'm really thankful to my friends in Charleston, and to my Housemistress, Mrs Von Riebech. She's just amazing.

My favourite subject is History and that's all down to Mr Frame. He really cares about each student and, even though I'm probably best known in the School as a performer, I would like to think that I deserve my place on the Gifted and Talented Programme.

When it comes to performing, I've been a dancer since the age of two, took up piano, guitar and singing when I was seven and in Year 5 I even picked up an agent. All of that came from my parents obviously, but in recent years I've started managing my own schedule.

There are so many things I want to do with my life that I know I have to make my own decisions, but it can be hard to prioritise. One thing I do know is that School comes first, but of course many of the experiences I have had outside of Bede's have been a lot of fun.

I was in a KFC commercial for example, toured the UK in a production of Scrooge and have sung at Glyndebourne, but no question my best experiences have been here.

That's because I feel like I have a real stake in Bede's, and it's that feeling that has really helped me grow.


This interview was conducted in the Summer Term of 2014. Alice went on to earn straight A and A* grades in her GCSE and A Level exams and is now studying at the University of Exeter.

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