Ana-Maria Bologan, Upper Sixth

I came to Bede's from Moldova as an HMC Scholar in the Lower Sixth. Over 500 people applied for the scholarship from across Eastern Europe, so to earn a place here was so exciting. It has been such a change in lifestyle.

My old school was a huge, square building full of people tripping over each other. Nothing was learned in depth and the relationship between teachers and pupils was so different. At Bede's, if you don't understand something then teachers make time to help you whenever you need it.

Also, to be boarding here, on a campus which takes over ten minutes to walk across, makes me really happy - especially with all the trees and the flowers. Until I came here I don't think I had ever really experienced quiet and calm.

Honestly, I had never thought about boarding before and had no idea what life would be like. My first memory of arriving is that the girls in the House were so friendly. They helped me with my luggage and my English. We have over 40 nationalities living here so everyone is patient and supportive. It feels like a family.

Academically speaking, I am applying to study medicine and have a challenging A Level programme. Thankfully my Languages teacher, Mr Rohmer, is fantastic. He does so much more than teach us German or Russian - he teaches us life. Then there's Mr Costley, who is the Head of Science. He is guiding all of the pupils looking to study medicine through the challenges that arrive along the application process.

He's the kind of teacher who goes beyond theories and applies them to the real world.

Outside of the classroom, I'm not really a sporty person but it's amazing to be able to go Swimming in the pool when I'm free during the week. I have also studied piano for 12 years and enjoy being able to play in the boarding house or in Chapel from time to time, although these days I just play for fun.

As for the best thing about Bede's, for me it has to be the Animal Management Centre. I really love animals and work as part of the Bede's Zoological Society, feeding and looking after over 60 species. It's just amazing to have a mini-zoo at a school.

If I could, I would live there. Preferably in the Red Squirrel enclosure!


This interview was conducted in the Autumn Term of 2014. Ana-Maria achieved straight As in her A Levels in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, German and Russian and earned at place at Queen Mary's to read Biomedical Science.

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