Anna Moody, Upper Fifth

I joined Bede's in the First Year after being offered a Music Scholarship. I remember really warming both to the teachers and to the atmosphere of the place just during the audition. I knew from then that this was the right school for me.

Three years on, the School has offered me a great deal. Between the huge number of concerts, the other opportunities to perform and the really great peripatetic staff, I have learned so much. That's just in terms of the Music!

On the Academic side, there are a lot of subjects that I never thought I would be good at.  I have proved myself wrong, especially in Maths and Science for example. The teachers here really care and have helped me to discover so many new things, and along the way I have learned a lot about myself.

I love English Literature and have enjoyed everything I have done in Drama GCSE, but I'm not sure what I want to do as a career. The possibilities are really exciting. There are so many opportunities in the arts world that I'm really not sure what I would like to do. Thankfully, I think not knowing is a lot more exciting than scary.

I have to say though that the friends I have made here mean more to me than anything else. The people I have met through Music and Drama as well as in the House have taught me a massive amount.

The main thing I would emphasise to someone thinking about coming here is that this school makes you feel like you have a lot of doors open to you.

For that, and many other reasons, I am really thankful.


This interview was conducted in the Summer Term of 2013. Anna went on to become a Deputy Head of School, achieved straight A*s in her A Levels, and is now studying English at Cambridge.

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