Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth

When I came to Bede's I was academically very behind. The School took me on and helped me excel at GCSE, I'm now a Prefect and even won an Inter-School Debating Competition. It has given me a lot.

Back then I aspired to do something important, like engineering or economics, but my Maths was terrible. My teachers at Bede's, especially Mr Richards, changed everything. Aside from just getting the A* at GCSE, I also got 100% in two of the three papers. It was quite a turnaround.

One of the things that has definitely helped me grow into myself is being a member of Dicker House. It's so inclusive. Hierarchy can be a good thing but none of the Houses at Bede's have that traditional structure of the Sixth Form being somehow above everyone else.

Bede's suits me because it's not like other Schools. Each person can pursue things that are personal to them. If you don't want to play Sports you don't have to. You can play Chess competitively or join Knitting Club, and every individual is encouraged to find a role.

For me, this has meant stripping down and rebuilding engines on the one hand and Economics on the other, and Mr Jackson has been superb in the latter. I've learned as much from him as any teacher I have ever had.

Overall though, people need to know that this is the future of independent schooling. It's quite a unique place.


This interview was conducted in the Summer Term of 2014. After achieving A*-B grades in his A Levels, Ed is now studying Mechanical Engineering at Edinburgh.

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