Felicity Collins, Lower Fifth

If I'm absolutely honest, I didn't want to come to Bede's originally.

I thought it was going to be full of posh people, but I arrived and realised I was wrong.

Since Riding takes up so much of my time, and because I compete at a national level, people have always wanted to label me a 'horsey girl', and in a way they are right. But my riding doesn't define who I am, and I would hate to be considered 'normal' anyway!

I joined in the Prep School having been riding since I was 9 days old and have been eventing since Year 6. I am currently competing for a place on Team GB for the European Championships, and am one of only two people to have achieved some of the things I have done.

People tell me I am really hard on myself because I'm the kind of person who considers B grades to mean failure. I want A and A* grades in every subject, so balancing my Academic passions with Riding can be very hard. Thankfully, if I miss lessons or days of school then my teachers give me the support I need to catch up afterwards.

I have always wanted to be a Veterinary Surgeon, but my Maths was never good enough. Thankfully, since being here, my confidence in Maths has grown massively. Mr Stoneman is to thank for that.

Elsewhere I have had loads of fun doing Drama and Science, and Bede's is a really great school in that sense. There's everything here. Amazing facilities, great Academic results, great Drama department, great SportArtMusic.

If you think about it altogether, it's very impressive. I'm very lucky.


This interview was conducted in the Summer Term of 2013. Felicity was part of Bede's most successul Upper Sixth year ever, achieving top grades in her A Levels. She is now a professional equestrian.

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