Ivan Friedman, First Year

I'm in the First Year at Bede's. I came here on a Music Scholarship. My interests stretch way beyond music though, which makes this the perfect school for someone like me.

I think I've always been singing. I can't remember starting anyway. I play guitar too, but earned my scholarship for drums. I don't know why I chose drums at my scholarship exam, because I'd only just started learning them!

With the help of my teachers, I've gone from not being able to read drum music to Grade 5 in a year. The Music teachers here are definitely role models in that respect. They're very talented and I'm always, always learning from them.

Something I wouldn't be studying, it it wasn't for Bede's, is Mandarin. The lessons really don't feel like work. We learn through games, and at times it seems silly but I've learned a lot.

I'm not the most academic student though. I struggle in Maths and English. What really helps is that my teachers won't let me give up. They always challenge me and will help by giving me extra lessons one-to-one.

I'd like to be a filmmaker when I grow up, and after I posted some short films on Youtube Mr Williams, the Head of Media and Film Studies, came and talked to me about them. Although I don't start GCSEs until next year, he's given me advice and some work to do. I was even allowed to go on a GCSE Media trip to a film editing company in London.

That kind of special attention, other schools don't give you that. It makes me feel like I'm exceptional.


This interview was conducted in the Summer Term of 2012. Ivan achieved straight A*-A grades in his A Levels, won Best Short Film at the Eastbourne Film Festival during his Upper Sixth Year, at and is now studying Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne.

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