Jay Adebisi, Lower Sixth

I’m the fourth sibling in my family to come to Bede’s and I honestly used to dream about coming here from Nigeria.

My brother and sisters are all really different people. One is a sportsman, the next an artist, the next an actress, and it’s amazing to think that the School supported them all in their different ambitions. I’m a little different because, seeing the opportunities it gave them, I developed a desire to balance every aspect of school life. As a result, Bede’s has given me the best of everything.

I am a year ahead age-wise, play Football for the 2nd XI, am a straight A student and did every Drama production I could for three years. Like everybody here, I have felt free to express myself, try new things and learn about who I am. Now I’m in the Sixth Form, I have narrowed my focus and have developed the ambition to become a politician.

I’m very motivated by the idea of helping people, and that has definitely come from the culture of the School. Everybody here really can achieve whatever it is they want to, although sometimes they arrive not believing that they can.

That’s the most special thing about Bede’s: by encouraging everyone to be the best they can be and supporting one another, the school helps us all to have confidence and realise that we are all special in our own way.

If you are thinking about coming here then my main message would be to do what I have done and make the most of it. It will be frightening how quickly the time will go by.


This interview was conducted during the Summer Term of 2016. Jay is now in the Upper Sixth and is this year's Deputy Head of School. 

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