Joana Rosell, Upper Fifth

I came to Bede’s from Spain because I wanted a school where I could balance Dance and Academia. Thankfully, it has given me those things and so much more.

When I first visited Bede’s I picked up immediately on the friendly atmosphere. The views here are amazing – all of the green spaces – and the facilities and opportunities made a big impression, but the heart of the school is the welcoming, supportive community.

I only started dance training when I was eight years old and before that used to dance just for fun. My mum encouraged me to try attending a dance school at home for two hours a week, and once I started doing that I felt like a new dream of a life was opening up. Now, coming to Bede’s and attending the Legat School, my dreams might actually become a reality.

Training to be a dancer is really hard, both physically and mentally. At Legat, we spend so much time dancing and then pursue our studies on top of that, and it requires so much effort and passion. There is no doubt that it’s challenging and takes a lot of time, but it’s completely worth it.

I have learned so much across my three years at Bede’s, and I’m sure I will learn much more in the Sixth Form, but the biggest lesson has been independence. I have become quite strict with myself and really put effort into my life. I give 100% to everything I do, and my family back home are amazed by how much I have changed.

A huge part of that transformation has come about through boarding. I had never done anything like it in my life before, and when I came here I was suddenly trying so many cool things and making so many friends that I didn’t even miss home.

It’s like staying at your friend’s house every night!


This interview was conducted during the Summer Term of 2016. Joana is now in the Lower Sixth having achieved straight A*-B grades in her GCSEs. 

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