Joe Billings, First Year

What drew me to Bede's was the opportunity to pursue Academic subjects at the highest level while also getting the best Cricket coaching possible.

Academically I'm quite strong, and the teachers here are fantastic. They are enthusiastic and extremely helpful. Mr Mpandawana in Science, Mr Jones in History and Mr Oliver in English are very supportive beyond just teaching me.

I learn things about life in their lessons, not just the information I need to do well in exams.

When it comes to Cricket, the quality of our coaches really sets this school apart. Between expertise, including Mr Wells, who used to play for England, the facilities, the hours of small group coaching year round and Bede's relationships with county and national partners, we have every possible chance of success.

Looking ahead, I would like to play Cricket professionally, but success in my GCSEs and A Levels is really important to me as support to my cricketing ambitions.

As a Sports Scholar, I already feel like a role model for other pupils in sport and in other areas of school life, but while I'm here I would very much like to become a Prefect. I'm attracted to the idea of embracing responsibility and helping the school.

It only seems right, because the school has really helped me.


This interview was conducted in the Summer Term of 2013. Joe is now in the Upper Sixth, having achieved 7 A-A*s in his GCSEs, and continues to be part of the Bede's Emerging Talent Programme.

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