Laura Adebisi, Upper Fifth

I joined Bede's in the First Year, having previously been at Marella International School in Nigeria.

I've always been ahead and have an Academic Scholarship, which brings with it quite a lot of pressure. Since coming here I have developed a real passion for essay writing and badly want to go to University to study English. I love debating the meaning and the significance of events and I like the idea that, if I explain things well, I can't be wrong.

What absolutely makes this school is the teacher-student relationships. Mrs Lambeth, my Housemistress or Mr Wilkinson, who teaches me Maths. They have all made such a difference to the way I think. I'm taking Maths for A Level for example, and Mr Wilkinson is responsible for that. He's a really great teacher.

Since I was a child I always used to sing and now I take lessons in voice and guitar. In terms of sport, I used to be Basketball obsessed. I still am in many ways, but I've also started playing Football quite seriously too. There are so many girls at Bede's who play at such a high level and we've won the ISFA 6-a-side trophy for the past 3 years, which everyone is really proud of. Next season I'm hoping to start playing for a local club team.

The thing I'm most passionate about here is Drama. I get to be myself completely but also explore the lives of others. The training I have received has really helped me to understand other people, their life situations and challenges. It has made me a better person.

I had a completely different idea of what Bede's would be like compared to what it is, and soon realised that this was the school for me.

It gets people where they want to go.


This interview was conducted in the Summer Term of 2013. She is now studying English at Warwick.

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