Louis Muston, Lower Fifth

I'm a triplet and ended up coming to Bede's after my brother joined Bede's Prep School in Year 7.

He wanted to continue onto the Senior School while my sister was at an all-girls school and was keen to go somewhere coeducational. As a result, I was dragged along on a tour and fell in love with the place.

I ended up earning a Drama scholarship to Bede's, but even before that happened I knew I would be happy here. And I have improved in nearly every aspect of Drama since I joined, which I believe is due to being involved in so many plays and productions.

Just last year I was in the Whole School Musical, a Class Performance and the Junior Play in the Summer Term!

The First Year at Bede's is particularly cool as you get to try a bit of everything before you make your choices for GCSEs. For example, I had always loved History, so knew I would be taking that, but was unsure about Religious Studies. Being taught by Reverend Buckler, whose classes are really engaging and interactive, sealed it in my mind.

Now my sister does Drama GCSE with me while my brother and I are in the same History class. Growing up as triplets can be noisy and fractious but we're really close and having lessons together is both helpful and useful. We remind each other of things!

Outside of the classroom, Bede's is also responsible for getting me into Mountain Biking. I fell into it almost by accident but Mr Jackson really knows his stuff. I have gone from only touching my bike a couple of times a year to going out nearly every weekend!

Elsewhere my House, Deis, is very busy and has a great atmosphere. It's very easy to make friends and my tutor, Mr Pianet, is extremely kind. He keeps us all organised, which is no mean feat for a group of teenage boys.

The best thing about Bede's though is that the School is centred on developing individuals rather than on trying to mould people or force them to be something they are not.

Each person's uniqueness is promoted, which is so important. After all, our individuality is what makes us human.


This interview was conducted in the Autumn Term of 2014. Louis earned top grades in his GCSEs, including A*s in Drama, English, History and Religious Studies. He and his siblings are now in the Sixth Form.

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