Max Mason, First Year

Without meaning to be controversial, my old school wasn’t interested in guiding children towards what was best for them as individuals.

When we came to Bede’s for a tour, I just loved the feel of it. I met Mr Backler, the Head of First Year, and he emphasised the idea that the curriculum at Bede’s works around you rather than you working around the curriculum. That suits me as I have never felt like I fit the model of the classic independent schoolboy.

I don’t think I want to be an actor when I grow up, but there’s nothing like performing. It feels amazing, and being someone you’re not for a while can really help to put your life into perspective. Even at my Prep School it helped me to realise that I didn’t want my time at school to consist of playing Rugby, living as if exams are the most important thing and pretending to be like everyone else.

Thankfully, from my first lesson here it was clear that I was in a whole new world. Every teacher at Bede’s is so passionate and really cares. They love their subjects and all want you to succeed, and that passion is infectious. It makes you want to be your best and give everything a try.

As a result, I have learned and experienced so many things across this year that I would never have thought of beforehand. Just one example of that is Mandarin. I couldn’t have had a better teacher than Mr Breeze. He took me on halfway through the year and I’m now taking it for GCSE alongside French and Latin. Another example is Philosophy. What other school teaches Year 9 children Philosophy? Or Politics? The whole of 21st Century Studies is just full of opportunities.

Also, when it comes to Drama at Bede’s, I love that it doesn’t matter which year group you are in. There are parts for anyone, whatever age, and there are so many things to involve yourself with in the Drama department beyond just acting. From making sets to lighting, costumes, sound or makeup, everyone and anyone can stretch their abilities.

As I’m looking at being a director, I personally feel that I have been cultivated and helped to find myself but, honestly, you could say that about all of my friends and they are all different.

That’s because Bede’s is a school for all types of people from every walk of life, and it helps you to see that you can be anyone and do anything.


Max is currently studying for his GCSEs and continues to contribute a huge amount to Bede's Drama. His dedication and skill was recently epitomised in the lead role he took in the Bede's production of Into The Woods.

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