Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth

I joined Bede’s in the First Year and at that point had been dancing for twelve years.

We had moved around a lot, from Malaysia to Qatar to Aberdeen, and I wanted to go to boarding school and really dedicate myself to dancing. It was nerve-wracking at first as everyone was older than me but I quickly realised that everyone wanted to help and get to know me. I’m happy to say that’s part of the school’s culture.  

At Legat, the opportunities were both brilliant and ridiculously intense, and my decision to stop dancing was a gradual one. Although I absolutely loved it, by the end of my GCSEs I had concluded that I enjoyed academia more.

The people responsible for me making that decision were, in Science, Dr Allison and Mr Costley. They both teach far beyond what the syllabus requires, providing a lot of additional material and answering any questions their pupils have. Otherwise my English teachers, Mr Tuson and Ms Savage, helped me to develop a passion for literature which I know I will always carry.

Having been at Bede’s for so long now, the most important thing I would emphasise about it is that the whole school is geared towards helping every student become a better person.

The supra-curricular opportunities are amazing, from the Chamber Choir to the UK Space Design activity, to Wine Making and Brewing to Skiing. The opportunities are incredible and offer physical, mental and artistic challenge.

Looking ahead, my plans are now to study Pure Physics at either Oxford or Imperial. After that, I would like to study in America and undertake a Liberal Arts education. Thankfully none of that is set to happen for a little while as whenever I’m here I feel like I’m home.

Bede’s is such an easy place to live in. It makes me very happy.


This interview was conducted in the Summer Term of 2015. After achieving straight A*s in A Level Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths, Nadia declined an offer to Cambridge and is instead attending Imperial (where the course is better, apparently...)

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