Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth

I’m the sort of person who tries to do their best at everything they possibly can and, if I’m being honest, I’m quite competitive too.

I joined Bede’s Prep in Year 2 and for the longest time I threw myself into Sport. I used to swim at a high level as well as playing Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Athletics, Football, Rugby and Badminton over the years. I still love to win but have definitely learnt how to be more gracious in defeat!

This competitive spirit definitely comes out in my A Level Politics classes, and through Debating Club with Mr Oliver. I love taking a contrary view, even if I don’t agree with it, and standing my ground when backed into a corner. Believe me when I say it though, I never would have been confident enough to speak up before the Sixth Form.

My family have always had heated discussions around the dinner table and my parents are at the opposite ends of the political spectrum. This gave me an interest in why things are the way they are, which I first looked at through Geography. Then, during the Fifth Form, thanks to Mr McKeefry, I developed a real passion for Economics and I now study both, alongside Politics and Philosophy.

I love the way these subjects are all connected and that I can now focus on just the humanities. I’m not a particularly logical person but, thankfully, the School helped me to see that I have talents and that I should make the most of them.

I used to be a classical singer, for example, and was at Grade 7 in the First Year but always felt somehow intimidated. I no longer sing German Opera as, last summer, I was encouraged to perform at Bede’s Fest and sing some songs with my best friend. Suddenly, I felt more like me.

Next, I started to sing jazz and before long was performing solo at last year’s Cabaret concert, backed by the full Orchestra and accompanied by the Legat dancers. It was the biggest thing I had done in my life and gave me a huge boost.

Similarly, at the end of the Fifth Form I got all As and A*s in my GCSEs, apart from one annoying B in Maths, and those were grades I never thought were possible.

As a result of these experiences I have flourished over time, and have learned to set an infinite potential for myself.

I am now absolutely determined to make a visible difference in the world.


Talisker has continued to thrive during her time in the Sixth Form and is now looking to study International Relations. She is also the Head of School for the Academic Year 2016-17.

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