Tilly Atherton, First Year

I joined Bede’s Prep School halfway through Year 3, so I thought I knew what to expect in advance of coming here.

In reality, I have been constantly surprised at the range of things I have tried during the First Year. The experience has really helped me grow, and I have made so many friends across all the year groups. It genuinely feels like we all have a common bond. 

I’m the sort of person who likes doing things for themselves, but I understand that not everyone’s the same. Thankfully, the teachers at Bede’s want you to be yourself, so you’re encouraged to try loads of things and are supported in all of your ambitions, whatever they may be.

Personally, I want to be a vet and have done since I was six, so it might be no surprise to learn that Animal Management is my absolute favourite. The range of animals you engage with is amazing, and I really appreciate the way Mr Juniper and Mr Jones have helped me to acquire practical science skills and knowledge.

I’ve learned so much, from how and what to feed the different animals to how to construct habitats, and I think it’s amazing that, once I’m in the Sixth Form, I will even learn how to deliver medication. What other school can you think of where you can help to look after and breed endangered species every week?

More generally, it’s very special to be at a school where I feel like I’m listened to – and where I genuinely like all of my teachers. The kids here are so lucky. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. 


This interview was conducted during the Summer Term of 2016. Tilly is now in the Lower Fifth and is studying for her GCSEs - while, of course, continuing to volunteer for Bede's Zoological Society!

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