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Bede’s Hockey Academy delivers a player pathway centred on the individual.

Our alumni have gone on to achieve amazing success as professional hockey athletes, with some representing national teams. Prominent alumni include:

  • Dilly Newton, GB
  • Alicia Caillard, GB U21s
  • Theo Dowse, England U21s

With the support of some incredible players coming through the Bede's Prep School programme and the development of all round athletes, we are able to field competitive teams at all age groups.

Our Girls’ Programme runs through the Autumn Term, with competitions including the County Cup stretching through into the New Year, while the Boys’ Programme starts with pre-season training before Christmas and ends in the summer.

Irrespective of gender, girls and boys in our Performance Pathway train year round, enjoying up to 20 hours a week of matches, team and small group training, one-to-one sessions and Strength and Conditioning.

For both the girls and boys we field teams at 1st, 2nd, U16, U15A and B, U14 A and B level at the very least, and although we enjoy success in a number of tournament and cup fixtures each year the Hockey Academy is centred most on making individuals the best they can be; score lines are secondary to our records of individual achievements and come as a result of the wider aims of the Academy’s provision.

Explore our Water-Based Hockey Pitch:

In line with this view, Bede’s uniquely does not hold any weekend Hockey fixtures but runs all matches between Monday and Friday. We leave weekends free and guide and support pupils to join local Hockey Clubs and gain experience at club level through our links with the likes of Eastbourne Hockey Club, Lewes Hockey Club, East Grinstead Hockey Club, further enabling every individual to become yet more robust and rounded as a player.

Within the Hockey Academy itself, fun is a foundational principle underpinning everything we do, and it is my view that if players are not turning up to sessions ready to enjoy themselves then my team and I are not doing our jobs. That is not to say we do not work hard however, but we do so with smiles on our faces!

Whether players are part of our Participation Pathway or our Performance Programme, training focusses on improving decision making, with technique refined and cultivated through small-sided and conditional gameplay as well as games for understanding and constraints-led practices.

Individual development is at the heart of all of these sessions, with my goal being to enable every pupil to access as many hours of Hockey as they might choose, including up to 10 hours of training, practises and matches each week on the Participation Programme alone.

At the higher end, our Performance Programme includes an array of additional small group training opportunities and individual, tailored, one-to-one sessions including specialist Strength and Conditioning. In many cases, this provision takes place within the School timetable including for First Year girls in Autumn and boys in Spring.

In the Sixth Form meanwhile I meet with every Performance player, look at their timetable with them and book sessions in a completely personalised and way.

Similarly, unlike many schools, we do not leave our goalkeepers out to dry and have dedicated goalkeeper coaching during lunchtimes and alongside out other training sessions, giving particular emphasis to this specialist position.

The consequences of the approach we take is that our players are always ready for representation, whether that be for the School, district, region, county or nation, and irrespective of who they are or how much Hockey they want to play we will always put their needs first and consider their lives holistically and very much in the round.

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Pupil Stories

  • Ella Bartram, First Year

    If you don’t know what to expect from Bede’s, take it from me: this is the most friendly and supportive school you could imagine.

    Ella Bartram, First Year Interviewed in 2016
  • Tommy Trenaman, Upper Fifth

    I’m Bede’s born and bred, and I have genuinely never met anyone who has joined and said they preferred their old school.

    Tommy Trenaman, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2016
  • Helen Clements, Lower Sixth

    It's strange when I think back. It sounds really cheesy, but I don't know how else to say it - I found myself here.

    Helen Clements, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2012
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Bede's Hockey staff

A large part of my life has been dedicated to proving that careers in Hockey are completely possible for those with drive, talent and determination.

Kevin Johnson, Director of Hockey, Teacher of Physical Education and Dorter House Tutor

I believe that realising each individual’s potential is the ultimate success. Witnessing a pupil achieve a personal milestone is something that is truly special.

Theo Dowse, Assistant Director of Hockey and Hockey Coach

I am motivated not only by an infectious love of sport but also by a desire to see as many children as possible physically and mentally empowered.

Petch Lenham, Head of Prep School Hockey and Cricket and Head of Senior Girls' Cricket

I believe that physical fitness is one of the most important keys to a healthy body, and that it forms the basis of a creative, intellectual mind.

Tony Morriss, Strength and Conditioning Coach