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Although some of our elite male players may begin their Hockey training in the Autumn Term, most of our boys only really engage with Hockey when the school returns after Christmas.

For those boys who are part of the Performance Pathway, training intensifies rather than starts in the Spring Term while for the majority, i.e. those on the Participation Pathway, trials take place in January before our 1st, 2nd, U16, U15A and B, U14 A and B teams are selected.

Training sessions then commence on Monday afternoons, Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons during the Co-Curricular Programme, with daily lunch time sessions and in-timetable options also available for select members of the Participation Pathway; even for those who are not scholars or County players, this can mean upwards of 10 hours a week of training.

While far from mandatory, our training sessions are fun and extremely active, including coaching on decision making and technique as explored through small-sided and conditional gameplay, games for understanding and constraints-led exercises.

With all of our fixtures taking place during the working week (Monday to Friday) weekends are then left clear to enable our boys to join local Hockey clubs and benefit from not only their training sessions but also a wider range of fixtures and opponents than those available on the School circuit.

This is not to underplay to busyness of Bede’s own fixtures programme, which will see our boys’ teams engaging in up to 20 matches and tournaments a season!

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Boys' Hockey staff

A large part of my life has been dedicated to proving that careers in Hockey are completely possible for those with drive, talent and determination.

Kevin Johnson, Director of Hockey, Teacher of Physical Education and Dorter House Tutor

I believe that realising each individual’s potential is the ultimate success. Witnessing a pupil achieve a personal milestone is something that is truly special.

Theo Dowse, Assistant Director of Hockey and Hockey Coach

I am motivated not only by an infectious love of sport but also by a desire to see as many children as possible physically and mentally empowered.

Petch Lenham, Head of Prep School Hockey and Cricket and Head of Senior Girls' Cricket

I believe that physical fitness is one of the most important keys to a healthy body, and that it forms the basis of a creative, intellectual mind.

Tony Morriss, Strength and Conditioning Coach