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There are two levels of Hockey training at Bede’s, with the beginner/intermediate level known as the ‘Participation Pathway’.

The idea behind the Participation Pathway is to offer every player, whether they have never picked up a Hockey stick before or if they are already playing for England at U18 level, the opportunity to develop as an individual.

Training sessions vary between a range of exercises, technique lessons and conditional games, with many of our elite Performance Pathway players taking on leadership, coaching and umpiring roles to support and enhance those beginning their journey in Hockey.

For those already adept in the sport, a huge amount of work is put into ensuring that whatever the existing skills a player has, whether they are a goalkeeper, attacker, defender or mid-fielder, they are developed in the round and enabled to succeed.

The proof of the pudding is, of course, in the eating, and Bede’s runs a very busy fixtures programme which invites all pupils at every level to play against other schools and local clubs. There is very little restriction however on who can play for which teams; although the U14s remain in a squad, any player from the Lower Fifth upwards can play for our 1sts provided they demonstrate sufficient skill, determination and the right attitude.

Indeed, for some of the girls at Bede’s one term of Hockey is not enough and they continue to play into the Spring, giving some of the boys a run for their money!

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Participation Pathway staff

A large part of my life has been dedicated to proving that careers in Hockey are completely possible for those with drive, talent and determination.

Kevin Johnson, Director of Hockey, Teacher of Physical Education and Dorter House Tutor

I believe that realising each individual’s potential is the ultimate success. Witnessing a pupil achieve a personal milestone is something that is truly special.

Theo Dowse, Assistant Director of Hockey and Hockey Coach

I am motivated not only by an infectious love of sport but also by a desire to see as many children as possible physically and mentally empowered.

Petch Lenham, Head of Prep School Hockey and Cricket and Head of Senior Girls' Cricket

I believe that physical fitness is one of the most important keys to a healthy body, and that it forms the basis of a creative, intellectual mind.

Tony Morriss, Strength and Conditioning Coach