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In the Bede’s Tennis Academy, we look to get the most out of every pupil and achieve the highest outcomes possible, whatever their skill level.

We support three levels of player under the umbrella term of the ‘Tennis Academy’ with these levels being Club, Development and Elite.

Naturally, it is our Elite players who receive the most tuition and hands-on training, including over 20 hours a week in some cases, scaling up from the First Year into the Sixth Form. These players receive an unrivalled amount of support at Bede’s, including accompaniment to LTA tournaments, reviewing players, analysing performance and offering technical, tactical and psychological support.

At the other end of the scale, our Club level is open to all Bede’s pupils as part of the Co-Curricular Programme.

In the middle, our Development Squad trains up to three times a week and consists of those girls and boys rated 6.1 or below; the group trains hard and its members represent the school in a number of friendly, shield and cup fixtures throughout the year, and these players are an incredible success in their own right.

We field teams at U14A and B, U15 and U16 for boys and girls and at U18 for boys, girls and in mixed doubles through the Development Squad, and although our fixtures programme runs year-round it is particularly intensive through the Summer Term.

At the very top end meanwhile, our ranked, county and national players also compete individually and in doubles partnerships for Bede’s when eligible and also take part in a year-round fixtures programme including at LTA and WTA events both around the UK and abroad.

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Our processes for identifying Elite players often begins long before they are old enough join us and is informed by our peerless Prep School Programme. We do our homework and, as we are extremely active around a significant number of local, regional and national LTA tournaments, we often know families, players and coaches personally.

As anyone who knows us will attest, our priority is to always do what is right for the pupil – whether that is eventually to support them into scholarships to American Universities, helping them access a UK-based degree course compatible with their professional aspirations or in finding routes through to Club-level employment.

With 8 outdoor and indoor courts at Falmer for competitive play and training, plus outstanding relationships with local coaches and the team at Virgin Active Brighton, whose professional standard facilities we use every week, the Bede’s Tennis Academy provides the very best provision for any tennis player, whatever their ambitions.

Most importantly however, whether it is one-on-one care, help with diet, emotional needs, workload or academic pressures, we really do care and absolutely put the individual first.

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Francesca Scollo

Francesca Scollo , Head of Tennis

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Pupil Stories

  • Kai Maxted, Upper Fifth

    I remember hearing about Bede’s accomplishments when I wasn’t here. Now I'm part of that. It makes me really proud.

    Kai Maxted, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2015
  • Felicity Collins, Lower Fifth

    I want A and A* grades in every subject, so balancing my Academic passions with Riding can be very hard.

    Felicity Collins, Lower Fifth Interviewed in 2013
  • Helen Clements, Lower Sixth

    It's strange when I think back. It sounds really cheesy, but I don't know how else to say it - I found myself here.

    Helen Clements, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2012
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Bede's Tennis staff

As an ex-Bede's pupil and Tennis professional, I can attest to the incredible sporting provision available to pupils here. It really is second to none.

Francesca Scollo, Head of Tennis

I believe that physical fitness is one of the most important keys to a healthy body, and that it forms the basis of a creative, intellectual mind.

Tony Morriss, Strength and Conditioning Coach

I firmly believe that the building of confidence through interactive learning and a range of dynamic activities is as vital as preparing our students well for their exams.

Lionel Pianet, Deis Housemaster and Teacher of French