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Bede’s Club Tennis programme is open to pupils of all abilities, with training taking place year-round.

Overseen by Mr Pianet, a talented tennis player in his own right, these Co-Curricular training sessions enable players who have never picked up a racquet before to learn all the fundamentals, from groundstrokes to service, before moving onto more advanced techniques.

Likewise, those players who are already part of the Development Squad are also welcome to attend these sessions and increase their hours of play; even at this level, the results can be that players enjoy up to 6 hours a week of coaching.

As player proficiency improves, our Tennis Club players often reach a place where they might trial for the Development Squad and receive more intensive assistance with our Head of Tennis and Tennis Development Coach Frankie Scollo who, like her brother and Team GB Tennis Coach Barry Scollo, is also a Bede’s alumnus.

The primary aims of this programme however is to enthuse and build confidence and skills in players so that they feel equipped to join tennis clubs, continue to enjoy playing at University and watch and support tennis at the various tournaments around the country.

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Club Tennis staff

As an ex-Bede's pupil and Tennis professional, I can attest to the incredible sporting provision available to pupils here. It really is second to none.

Francesca Scollo, Head of Tennis

I firmly believe that the building of confidence through interactive learning and a range of dynamic activities is as vital as preparing our students well for their exams.

Lionel Pianet, Deis Housemaster and Teacher of French